Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Starry Eyed♥

I didn't write a post for a loooong time, but from the 1.11 - 5.11 I wasn't at home. I attended a cours in the Dobelmühle near Aulendorf and now I'm a well-trained youth leader! :) It was so great and we learned very much and it wasn't boring. There were about 50 girsls and boys and I made a lot of new friends. We saw Andy again and I like him so much! It was really funny, when he was so cute and made a tea for us, 'cause we were cold. We also could du Giant swing, but I didn't :D Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, for me it would be terrible but the other liked it very much :D Yes, it was a great time there. And now, why i didn't post something on Sunday,Monday or Tuesday.. Yes I wasn't up for it. I had a big conflict and was really bushed. But now I'm in a goooooooooood mood and it was overdue to post something. :D

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